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[QUOTE=newbrunswick;3743894]I do not have a doctor - there are no doctors in New Brunswick that are accepting new patients. I'm on the registry to get a new doctor, but that might take years.

I have a nurse practioner - my other one left to a new location, so I have a new one. I was really excited when she actually was able to prescribe me something - anything! However, I don't think she is understanding the cognative issues - you call it fibro fog, I call it dementia. Its like I've lost my mind and I'm learning everything for the first time. Each time, I have to relearn it.....

They arn't coming after me about the illness aspect - they are coming after me for the sales. I have high marks on customer service - but my stats on sales has not picked up since I returned to work.

I've decided that if they want to fire me - go ahead. I can still get EI and appeal wrongful dismissal. I hate this illness for this reason. Its not like I don't want to work, or am lazy. I just can't seem to get the ability to remember or learn new tasks.

So, thats where I'm at right now.

Ok, newbrunswick you sound really down-I don't mean you don't have a reason for feeling down. However there are more and more things as patients that we have to take into our own hands to help the Dr or nurses along. They tend to simplify your reasons for not being well, they really don't have any idea of your pain and fibro head-so if I were you instead of feeling like you just have to settle-which you don't. Drs tend to categorize you into a complainer, a sicko, as wanting meds even as a pain to them. I would ask your nurse practioner to refer you to rhuematism specialist to have a proper diagnoses of your condition- we are all entitled to proper health care and second opinions. Sit down when you have time and make a list of your pain and how you are dealing with it. I had to do this with my DR-I even took a copy of a front and back picture of a medical human form and highlighted with red ink the areas of my pain and said in my letter that this pain I get is a roaming pain (not always in the same area at the same time) I told him how I felt when I woke up (all sore and spacey) how I slept through the night (I sleep like a brick but never feel rested-as soon as I try to get up I hurt everywhere). It took my GP a couple months actually to read my letter but he did read it finally. In the mean time he prescribed me Lyrica (which did not work for me) I was taking Celebrex, Tylenol T3's, 800 mg Advil every 4 or so hours, Mobicox, Arthritec and so on to no avail. He also set me up with a Rhuemy Specialist which took 2 months to see-I saw him last Tuesday and was diagnosed with Fibro and put on Gabapentin 300mg X 2 daily and he will be referring me to the Arthritus Fibromyalgia Agency to learn more about Fibro. So it does take time and it is discouraging-so you need to do this now to account for the time it takes to get into these specialists. But see, my Dr didn't really know what was going on even though I had been in pain like this for years and just blamed my bed, or my depression or my life-I blamed me. It isn't me-it's my body attacking itself. So you go girl!

As for time away from work or disability CPP or whatever-it is really difficult to get these things without seeing a specialist and being given a true diagnoses so these Drs can stand up for you if you need to come up before a board of people who say nay or yay to your application to Long term Disability thru work or CPP thru Social security. I am sorry it is so frustrating but it just is and you want to get some releif so go thru the proper channels for the assistance and medications you need. But ask your nurse person to send you to a specialist for a start and have it on record all the things you have tried to help with your pain so if you do need to go off work again you have proof and always get a Drs note when you are off work and take a photo copy for you to keep and one for your employer.

I find I get so angry with the way health care is treating people and the way employer's treat chronically ill employees. I went through it all when I worked, I got so fed up with Drs notes and explaining myself to everyone about why I was away. Before I gave up my job in 2005 I was on Short Term Disability which we had 7 months of that and them you were send forms to apply for Long Term Disability. Well they sent my Long Term Disability when I had been off for 3 months so I sent the forms back to them with a letter and told them I was sick of their forms and sick of it all and resigned. I had to- it was all making me sicker.