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So Friday I went to see the Rheumy I don't like. The one that told me it was just a virus and to take the celebrex and go to my primary care doctor, he didn't need to see me anymore because I dont' have anything Rhumatic going on. I had made an appointment with a new Rhemey but we were still two months away from that appointment so I decided since I am having more symptoms and additional blood work that I would go see what he had to say again. So my latest symptoms are shortness of breath, pain in chest and back, diarrhea, continued joint pain even though on the Celebrex 2’s a day for months and months now.

My blood work...


ESR 22 H

Rheumatoid Factor 20 H

ANA Choice Positive H


Sed Rate 25 H

Rheumatoid Factor 19.1 H

Antistreptolysis 349.6 H

Parvovirus 4.8 H


ESR 32 H

Rheumatoid Factor 20 H

ANA Choice Positive H

SCL-70 AB 3.3 H

SCL-70 antibody is strongly associated with scleroderma.

The doctor told me you don’t need to be on anything else because your joints are not swollen and that is the only time you need to worry about the disease progressing is when they are swollen. Then I asked him, isn’t there anything we can do, I feel horrible if I do ANYTHING. The doc said, well we can try some Plaquenil. Take one two times a day and I will see you in a month. He ran a few more blood tests and sent me on my way.

On my drive home I got a call from the other Rheumy’s office saying they could get me in Monday, it was currently Friday. So I prayed and waited all weekend hoping this new doctor would be what I need.

Yesterday I went to see the new Rheumy. She was fabulous!!!!! I am just so thrilled to finally have someone that seemed to do something and listen. She examined me and went over the blood work. She said based on your exam and swelling in your joints you certainly have Rheumatoid Arthritis. You might easily have Fibromyalgia also, that often comes with all of this but I am just thinking out loud on this I am not ready to write it down as a diagnosis yet. With the Scleroderma you have some symptoms but not others so I would like to wait on that one also. Let’s do some more blood work and do a CT to look at your lungs I am worried about your shortness of breath. What have doctors said about your murmur? I said, murmur what murmur? She said nobody has ever said you have a murmur. I said no, she said you have a pretty significant one, lets to an echo. X-ray of your hands and feet and get you started on methotrexate and I will see you in a month and we will see how your are doing. So I am planning the Metho for Saturday night to give me Sunday if I feel yucky. That is the only day I can give. J So I am starting out for the first two weeks on 4 pills and then after that go to 6. So I started my folic acid yesterday. I have my CT and Echo today! I am just so thrilled to find a good Rheumy. What a drastic difference between the two Rheumy’s. So anyone in Utah, I have a great doctor if you’re not happy with the one you’ve got. She is worth the wait!