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I have always had upper back and neck problems. End of July I stared having numbness and tingling in the left hand and went to my chiropractor. I had not been in 1 1/2 years. He did not take a new x-ray and proceeded to work on me. Several days later the symptoms got worse and radiated up to the arm. I probably waited two weeks before going to my pcp. She put me on some anti-inflammatories that didn't work and then sent me to an orthopedic surgeon.

He sent me for an MRI that took a week to get approved by the insurance company. In the meantime he had me on Celebrex and Darvocet. The MRI showed two herniated discs between C-5/C-6 and C-6/C-7 and that the root nerve was being cut off. He then sent me to a spinal surgeon.

The surgeon sent me to have an ESI, which was trully horrid. I can't handle needles and tend to pass out, but they had to give it to me sitting. Right after the injection I had an allergic reaction with major itching all over my skin. I then spent two days at home due to the pain in my neck fromt he injection.

Long story short, I'm having an anterior cervical corpectomy with fusion. My insurance does not pay for artificial disks and am left with having this procedure with the harms cage.

I have gone through a wealth of emotions from fear, anger, and resolve to have the mutliple symptoms end. I have not slept in months without meds and even then it isn't long. My work hours were cut to 20 hours a week from the doc and I'm officially out of sick and annual leave. Thank goodness for the kindness of colleagues who are donating leave. This week I will file for short-term disability.

Friends and family can't understand the pain or the emotional stress of something like this. My husband didn't take it serious til the surgeon said the word 'surgery'.

My surgery is scheduled for November 11th unless there is a cancellation and I can get in early. I go today to start my bloodwork and get my surgery release from my pcp. I'm relieved to finally have it scheduled and my surgeon excels in this field and I think I'm as calm as I can be, despite the occasional 'why me?' breakdown.