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A quick history...I have hypermobile joints, weak tendons and ligaments (one injury usually results in a full blowout or some type of repair), joint stiffness, pain, etc. I have a few tender points across my neck/shoulders, but that is it. Extreme fatigue over the summer, just overall feeling "unwell". I have no muscle pain.

I was having extreme shoulder pain and saw an ortho surgeon (who did an ACL reconstruction on me years ago) and they thought initially I was still actively playing sports due to all the joint damage. Nope. My PCP ran some initial tests which showed borderline ANA 1:80, homogenous pattern, RF was creeping up at 14 (limit of 20), I can't remember what all she ran, but basically she turned me loose, said it was all orthopedic. My OS said that he has a good handful of seronegative patients (I'm assuming RA?) that he treats, but he sent me to a rheumy. My PCP and OS both do not think this is fibromyalgia. I saw the rheumy today. No joint destruction on x-ray, very stiff (pain has decreased some, I started Celebrex about 2 wks ago), he says it is tendonitis and fibromyalgia. He re did the bloodwork and they will call if anything is abnormal or concerning. I do have Raynaud's.

Sooo, any thoughts? Anyone seronegative for rheumatic disease, but still have joint pain/inflammation, etc? I didn't exactly "care" for the rheumy, but I trust my OS and this is who he referred me to.

I am fearful that this will drag on and then they will end up seeing joint deformity or destruction on x-ray...too late then, the damage is done. I am otherwise a fairly healthy 33 yr old mom of 2 (my youngest, major health issues, has autoimmune hyperthyroid condition).

Just looking for some advice, support, etc.