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I'm 23 and was just diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. My first appointment with a rheumatologist was for July, 2009. I told my doctor I can't wait that long so now I have an appointment for the end of January. I might be able to go out of town to see someone in December but will have to drive about 4 hours. I have no relief until then and lots of pain. My family doctor gave me celebrex but it doesn't seem to help much. I had to take a sick leave from work. Some days I can hardly walk and it's hard to live normally.
I feel like I'm driving my husband crazy talking about my pain all the time and being so depressed. My mom has RA too but I feel bad talking to her about it because she feels guilty. My friends don't understand. Someone even asked if it was all in my head! I guess my blood tests say I have it, but I don't know much about it. Is it normal to get RA at such a young age? Can anyone give me suggestions on how to cope? I feel like I'm mourning my old life and losing so much. I could really use some advice.
Yup, you can have RA at 23. If you get it between 16 to 21 they call it Still's Disease. I have juvenile chronic polyarthritis, I was diagnosed as a baby.

You need to get on a DMARD (disease modifying anti-rheumatic drug). DMARDs slow or even stop the progression of the disease, pain relievers only mask the symptoms. There's Methotrexate, Plaquenil, Arava, Minocin or Sulfasalazine. More powerful meds called Biologics are kept in reserve for more severe cases; Enbrel, Humira, Remicade, Orencia and Rituxan.

Anti-inflammatory pain relievers like Celebrex (called NSAIDs) can help with day to day symptoms - if you find the right one for you. If Celebrex isn't working, there are many, many other NSAIDs. Don't hesitate to ask for something different.

Check with your local hospital, there may be a RA support group nearby. It'll be worth it to find some people who understand and who know all the local ins and outs - who the best rheumatologists are, etc.

I've had arthritis for so long I've been on everything.:p Right now I'm waiting for a new drug to get approved by the FDA, called Actemra. I'm on Orencia till then, my NSAID is Clinoril.
My mom took Enbrel and is now taking Humira. I think she is very advanced so nothing seems to help her much.
I don't think Celebrex helps me, but I'd hate to see how I feel if I stop taking it. My family doctor won't give me anything but- even though I have to wait so long to see a rheumatologist, and Celebrex is not covered under my health insurance for some reason. She says she is not a specialist.
When I was first diagnosed, I thought I would be able to get things under control with medication then stop. I thought if I lost weight and took better care of myself that I would be ok, but now I don't believe that anymore. It seems that almost everyone needs medication. I don't like taking medication because I have a weak stomach, I don't want to lose my hair like my mom has, and I want to have children in a few years.. oh and I like to have a glass of wine sometimes which seems to be a big no with a lot of meds. But it sounds like I won't get much relief without.
I did get an appointment in Toronto in December. It's a bit of a drive but I think worth it.
I'll look into support groups in my area. Hopefully I can find some other young people- I think that could give me a lot of strength.
Wow, a GP who won't Rx an(other) NSAID? That's kinda odd. Well, sometimes it takes awhile for a NSAID to get revved up and working, hopefully the Celebrex will kick in soon.

The hair loss question (as I sit here shedding like a collie) several medications can cause hair loss, methotrexate most notably, but the big problem is . . . so does chronic inflammation. Any chronic inflammatory illness, even some sudden viral illnesses, can cause hair loss. So the meds cause it but so does untreated RA. It's a catch-22.

If you do start losing hair don't just assume it's the meds though - another cause of hair loss is autoimmune hypothyroid, it's a common secondary disorder with RA and it's easily treated.

Good Luck with your appt!!