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I glad to see this message board and be able to share my treatment. I started suffering from Intercostal Neuralgia about 10 years ago but coulnd't get treatment that helped. It always eventually went away but seemed to stay for longer periods each episode. I moved to NC 6 years ago during a bout and went to a walk in clinic in desperation. I got a female Doctor who immediately prescribed six Prednisone to be taken three the first day, two the second and one on the third day, along with Vioxx (now Celebrex) to be taken twice a day and one Cylocobenzaprene (sp.) at night. Within three days, the pain was gone completely and since then each time I have an episode, the Doctor, the same lady, prescribes the same and it always works for me. I hope this helps because the pain from this can be excruciating