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I'm so glad I found this board! Please give me your expert opinions, and I'll be most grateful!

I am 43 and 1998 began having shoulder/neck pain. I've had myelograms and MRI's, and I've gone from "moderate C6-7 stenosis" to "severe C6-7 stenosis". Acually, the last MRI (2 years ago) said "C6-7 disc bluge, with positional cord impingement and severe segmental stenosis."

I've done the physical therapy, the Celebrex, the muscle relaxers, the Advil, the special pillows. I'm now on 200 mg Neurontin (I realize a low dose) which had been helping alot, but now it's not. My neurosurgeon is the best, and is conservative, which I'm glad. A year ago when he put me on the Neurontin, he said it was the "last step" before surgery.

I saw him again last week, and I have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow. My present symptoms are: Shoulder pain and tenderness, neck stiffness and "heavy headed" feeling, right hand is tingly and alittle numb, falls asleep alot in the night (thumb and index finger especially). I may be imagining it, but my right foot seems clumsy, because I seem to stub my big toe and trip alot (maybe I'm just a clutz!) My handwriting is very messey now and uncoordinated. Is this all in my imagination? WHAT I DO NOT HAVE is pain shooting down my arm, which I hear is common and a big indicator for surgery. I've never had that, but I have about every other symptom.

Last week dr. checked my reflexes and said they were still good.

Making my long story short (too late, I know) here's my questions:

--can severe stenosis improve? In other words, can this MRI say I've gotten BETTER?

--do you operate even when my symptoms are "tolerable", or are you risking permenant nerve damage?

--If dr. increases Neurontin as the next step, am I only masking symptoms and prolonging the inevitible surgery?

--Myelogram question: I've heard if you still require a myelogram at the time of surgery, they can do it after you go under anethesia at surgery time. Have you heard of this?

--I had carpal tunnel problems and surgery in 1997, could THIS be recurring and causing the hand/finger numbness?

I'm sorry to have so many questions! Please help answer any you can! Thank you so much!