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My dearest Sandra,
First things first, congrats. on the graduation festivities this weekend. Celebrate~~ good times, come
Now, for the yucky stuff!! Sorry to hear that you have been feeling somewhat like I have been.......would not wish it on anyone!! Damn that little pudgy guy anyways!!!! My pain has decided to focus only upon my right shoulder blade area. last week, stiletto heels on both sides, this week,dancing clogs on the one side~!!
I phoned my Dr. about my mood & my wanting to be on something other than percoset & valium......enough is enough!! a month of those 2 combined with my 2...(3 & 5 years old!!) & I was none too happy!!
My surgeon is away in Chicago, so another Dr. prescribed Ultram-50mg (1 every 8 hrs.) & also Celebrex
(200 mg- 1 a day)!! well, I gotta tell you.......I may as well be popping m&m's.....My pain is now rather intense. The chubby guy is gaining weight as I type,
& I only get relief when I lay down. TGIF!!
Not really sure what my problem is!!
Hopefully, we will get to the bottom of our discomfort.
I am willing to receive a massage!!
I am trying my best to get "Mr. Stiletto's" to call Jenny or Richard Simmon's pronto!!
I have been thinking of you oodles!!
Until later, you remain, so dear to me!!
Peace, Catherine