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Hi there!

Vioxx (And Celebrex) caused me to pay constant homage to the porcelain god!! Puked for weeks!!!

Indomethicin, which is used for "gouty" type arthritic conditions was a little better. But...

Bextra... the new kid on the block, is chemically a bit differant, and worked like a DREAM!!! Some insurance doesn't like to pay for it, but puking is a good reason to NOT have to suffer through the requisite "cheaper" NSAIDs first. So I got lucky and appealed and won.

Good luck.
Hey Keith,

Everyone's different...you have to try different ones till you find what's right for you...I took Vioxx and it had zero effect on me...was like taking a sugar pill...Doc now has me on Naprosyn...again..same thing..sugar pill...I've also tried Celebrex...same thing. JMTC

Joanne :wave:

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Before surgery I tried many many NSAIDS, ibuprofin (motrin or advil), naproxen (aleve), vioxx, celebrex, sulindac, bextra. Bextra was the only one that worked well for me, but everyone is different. After my surgery, the doctor said to stay off all the anti-inflammatories, suggesting that they interfered with the healing process.

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Hi Keith, can't help with the Viagra but...I have taken Celebrex 200 mg twice daily and it really helped when I had problems with my ankles and knees.

Vioxx didn't seem to do much for me other than upset my stomach.

I am now taking Neurontin 100mg four times a day and Valium 10mg at bedtime. That helps me to at least sleep and with some of the nerve pain, but there is always that nagging pain and burning that lingers and flares up as my activities increase throughout the day.
Hi Keith,

I found vioxx great, didn't like celebrex at all(did nothing )and found naprosyn nearly as good as vioxx. I am not taking any vioxx currently as I have a vast amount of cortosone floating around in my neck. I still ocassionally take vioxx but I did find naprosyn very similar.

I took celebrexe and vioxx and neither helped me. I quit the vioxx before I finished the scrip cause a friend of mine father was taking it at the same time I was and it made his stomach bleed and he died from it. Sad but true. He was alot older than me but still. I will never take it again.

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Hi Keith,

I'm new here and I haven't (yet) had spine surgery, but I do have some experience with both Vioxx and Neurontin.

I have probably tried 50% of all the NSAIDS since the car accident that caused all these neck problems. I also have a history of stomach ulcers, so my primary eventually switched me to Vioxx (Celebrex was useless) after taking me off Lodine. Vioxx did provide some pain relief, for the achy muscle kind of pain, but not as much (even at 50mg) as Lodine, and not enough. I think they're keeping me on it now for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Neurontin works specifically for nerve pain. I have C4-5-6-7 radiculopathy and I take 1800 mg daily. It works amazingly well for the nerve pain. I don't feel the nerves at all unless I miss a dose and then the nerves are hot all the way to my finger tips!

I also take some supplements, which are helping me more than I thought they would, with the rest of the pain. I use MSM, a form of sulfur, which nourishes the joints and provides amazing pain help, both for my neck problems and other joints. It hasn't been studied much, but I also can't find any complaints about it.

I also use GLA (Gamma linoleic acid) in the form of Borage Oil, which has noticeably reduced pain from inflammation. The Arthritis Foundation recommends doses of 1-3Grams daily. I take about 1600 mg.

Someone else mentioned magnesium for muscle spasms. Yes, this is really useful. I use cal/mag 1000/600mg daily. The magnesium works better than muscle relaxants for me, but you have to get enough of it and you have to be able to absorb it. A magnesium IV is the best source for magnesium (from an alternative doctor usually, of course) but I get almost the same effect from a chewable that contains both.

I hope this is helpful.

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Hi Keith,
I'm so sorry I'm so bad at keeping promises. [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/redface.gif[/img] But here is what my nephew had to say about Vioxx, Celebrex, and Alleve (Naproxyn sodium, Naprosyn):

Alleve is a very strong conventional anti-inflammatory drug that works on both the COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes.

Vioxx and Celebrex are both just COX-2 enzyme inhibitors, meaning they work on the enzyme which causes the pain. All three are safe for long-time use, but Celebrex and Vioxx are safer than using Alleve for a long time... and, because of the negative information about Vioxx causing liver damage, etc., Celebrex is safer than Vioxx.

I must point out that my nephew is somewhat biased towards Celebrex, which is made by the company which employs him. And, he said at the end of the day, they are all the same basic group of drugs. But I guess in our cases where we are reasonably assured to be on pain meds for years to come, we should be aware that some are better than others, and it appears that if we are not fighting to suppress the COX-1 enzyme, our stomachs will be a bit more protected.

Hope this helps a bit...
wr :wave:
Thanks WR! That's good to know and helps me understand how they work as well. It would be nice if there was a chart out there on the internet somewhere that listed all of the drugs available, what they are good for, what their side effects are, and rank them in effectiveness. I'll bet they could make a fortune on a site like that with advertising, because everybody would be going to it!
After the HMO and Dr office got done negotiating, I ended up on a generic version of Relafen. I find it hard to determine if any of this stuff works for me because I seem to be in considerable pain no matter which and how many pills I take. I'm up to 2500mg of neurontin daily plus 1500mg of the Relafen. I still hurt like somebody threw me down a flight of stairs and I landed on my neck and shoulder! I see the pain doc Thursday and I'm telling him to get me off the neurontin and find something else with better side effects. I gained over 20 lbs, feel tired all the time and can't remember anybody's name half the time. My surgeon advised me as well to get off it and on something else. What I want to do is once I'm weaned off the neurontin, wait before starting to take something else for at least a few days to see just what my true pain level is, so that I can compare it to how I felt before taking all these pills. That will tell me if I'm getting worse or not. I feel just as bad if not worse while being on the pills right now. At first the neurontin helped considerably, but I ended up having to get larger and larger dosages and now I don't see where it is helping me all that much.
Thanks for remembering me and finding out the info. I tried to get Celebrex and the lousy HMO wouldn't pay for it, said I had to have something else, and ended up taking Naproxen for a while, which I didn't notice much benefit from either. Sure would be nice to find the silver bullet drug for me and get through this experimentation to find something that does the trick!
Got to keep smiling I guess, and not lose my sense of humor, we can't have a manly man shedding any tears now! :D

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Hi Keith,
Sounds like you are busy farming.....I cannot even picture myself settin' on a tractor having to look behind me constanly. Please be careful!!
I wanted to hop on here with my experience with pain meds. pre & post op!! It's only my story, but, hey, I'm sticking to it!!
If I can remember properly I was upped to Lortab pre surgery which worked until it didn't!! I was also taking Ambien to sleep. Post Surgery scripts ordered & taken (as prescribed) were percoset & valium. I was pleased with the pain subsiding aspect of the pills but was not thrilled to be taking them with my 2 wee ones. After 3 weeks, noticed & admitted that I was spiralling into a depression....remember that old post of mine!! Called my dr. who was in Chicago, so the on call dude ordered Tramadol (generic for Ultram) & also Celebrex. All i can say is that by the 2nd day I was so violently ill thay while praying over the porcelein
god, I was even losing control of my bladder. how attractive.!! Sorry for the details but that was my reality. My DR. called the next morning & we immediatly nixed the 2 scripts. I am now taking 1 percoset a day. which in comparison to the first while after surgery is amazing!! My pain has certainly dissipated, it is the burning fat guy that I am dealing with these days. I started PT. on Friday, & really hope that more obstacles shall be conquered.
In leaps & bounds!!! I do not know what to tell you about the menagarie of pills available. You need to research.....somehow.
Hopefully, all the info supplied here helps you!!
So glad you are participating in your own recovery!!
Please know that we want you to take care, 'cause we care.
Until later,