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Hey Ladyblue!!

There is no way that I can top aj's story!!

Nor would I want to !!!! God Bless you aj!

I just wanted to share my experience of med's with you........since you asked!

I will not bore you with the long list of pre-op stuff which stopped working~~~~~~`

I was released from the hospital with a script. for
Percoset & Valium..

Yeehaa!! I slept alot the first while.....3 days or so!

I continued with the Percoset for almost 3 months.

I had alot of funky pain!!!!!! due to stenosis & bone spur's etc........

I begged my Dr. to change meds. I was falling into a depression. And what with 2 wee one's under the age of 5!! I was not looking at any Mother of the Year award's continuing on the med's!! [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/dizzy.gif[/img]

I was then given Celebrex & Tramadol.

I was so sick after 5 hours of taking them.
Literally lost control of my bladder while vomiting!
sorry for the visual...but!!

Immediatly contacted Dr.........& more percs. were prescribed!! Great!.....

Weaned myself off them........
slowly but truly!

I am now taking the odd Advil.......I am more than 3 months out of surgery though. I was told that during "fusion" to avoid said pills; as they could possibly interfere with fusion.

Sadly enough~~~~~
I am now dealing with some lumbar issues.....
if it's not one thing ~~~it's 5 other;s eh?!

So..........I am back to some serious PT. & also taking Lortab & Zanaflex when needed!!

I wish you well.......
Pain managemnet is a difficult thing to master!
Best wishes!

With a smile & a hug!