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Hello my 2 new friends! I tried to post earlier today, but this thing wouldn't let me, so here I am, trying again.

Barb, Congrats on being one in a million. :) I don't fret my side effects, so not to worry. The benefits far outweigh them to say the least. I take Celebrex on Friday (shot night) and Saturday, and that seems to calm them, and by Sunday I'm fine. No problem. I'm sorry, but I had to grin when I read your story about doubting that you had MS, and your neurologist's reply like you were from the moon. lol Have to laugh about it, right? :)

Belle, you're such a sweetie!! I'm sorry to hear that NZ is so strict about the MS drugs, but thankfully you've done wonderfully to go 13 years with no problems! I'll bet you were wondering if you really had it, too. I do hope you'll continue to do well in that regard...God knows you don't need any more problems.

As for me, I'm waiting on the thoracic injection, next Friday, and hoping that will ease my pain and allow me to avoid surgery. I'm still going to the chiro, but not sure how much longer I will since he's not really making much difference...seems to be a waste of money if I'm not improving.

Oh Belle, you asked about the MS drugs here. Fortunately, things have really lightened up here in the States in the past few years, and most of the insurance companies now cover them. There are guidelines that you have to meet, but they don't seem to be a problem with a diagnosis, and the doctors now seem to be eager to start them, hoping to delay the onset of disability.

I do think I'll ask my neurologist about the frequency of disc problems and MS patients. It's just too common to not have been noticed by someone before now. I'll let you know what he says the next time I see him.

Thanks again, to both of you, for befriending me, and sharing your experiences with me. May we all continue to improve!!!

Love and Hugs,