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hi, thanks for responding! it has been a frustrating few months. i have my ups and downs. i haven't really done my share of research, i guess i'm still in denial. the pain got so bad the other day that i went to a pain management specialist. he put me on bextra, skelaxin, and celexa. the celexa is an anti-depressent. he said something about the brain signals for depression are very similiar to the signals for pain. i believe it did help with the pain but....of course it had the side affects. i got real sick, started to lose weight, and i couldn't sleep for anything! but i felt great as far a back and leg pain go! i finally had to quit using them because i hadn't slept more than 4 hours in three days. ughh. my neurosurgeon said that it is to late for an exercise program for me (i'm only 28 years old). i will definatley seek another opinion! i understand the pain in the legs and the nerve damage. i was told when i was 17 that i needed the fusion but was so afraid so i kept putting it off. i have permanant damage now. some days i feel if stand that my legs will break. i could go on for days and days! hang in there! it sounds like you have a great doctor. i'm still looking for a specialist. i'm trying to be optimistic! the answers have to be out there somewhere. try the skelaxin. it seems to work very well with little to no side affects for me. keep me posted. i'd love to hear a success story!
i hope you find them helpful.
take care, i look forward to hearing from you!

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