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OMG!!!!I swear i could have written your post.i too am suffering from severe back pain, i had 3 surgeries about 2 yrs. ago after the 2nd one i went home in terrible pain only to find out that the dr. put a screw touching my sciatic nerve,when he removed the screw the bone aroun it shattered.(to make a long story short)
i used to be the most happy, posotive, outgoing person that people would always ask "do u always smile?"
well not anymore i am a stay at home mom of two boys 7 and 11 who were diagnosed with adhd a few years back.so besides having my hands full with them, my pain is incrediable, i do take norco 5 times a day and it doesnt help. i am sooooooo mean to everyone because of my pain, and i don't say i am in pain because i feel everyone must be sick of hearing about it.
Let me tell you my marriage is suffering big time, i am on celexa and i don't think it works, i am sick and tired of being sick and tired,i just want to be my old self again
by the way im 32.
thanks for letting me get this out it feels good to!!
take care,