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Hi Dolphin.... I couldn't believe when I read your posting, it was if I had written it myself! I have been in pain 3 years now, and getting worse all the time. I have gone from months in between excruciating back pain which has now gone to days in between.I had a hysterectomy Nov.1, the doctors thought it was pelvic pain radiating to my back, well that failed... now I have a dr. appt. wed. with an orthopedic.. thinking back 3 years ago, I had a bad fall and have had health problems ever since. I am afraid now that my doctors... and I do mean doctors.. many...have misdiagnosed me and now the pain is radiating to my legs, arms , bladder pressure. I am also married to a wonderful man, but my pain is wearing thin on him, especially when I really need to be working and I just can't. All I do is pray this pain will go away and it always comes back. I am now on celexa for depression, caused by the pain. It's hard for me to even sit at the computer long.. but these boards really help, no one understands chronic pain unless you have been there...it's nice to know we are not alone and have people to talk to.. have a great day !