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I want to second the advice on getting an anti-depressant. This current back episode of mine has been unrelenting for 19 months, now. About 8 months ago, my Primary dr. suggested I try Celexa. Although I fought it for a while, it was definitely the best thing I ever did. He wanted my mind to be clear when making future decisions about my back, and I couldn't talk about my pain without bawling my head off.

I visited a neurophysiciatrist last week who told me 95% of people in chronic pain suffer depression. So, you are not alone!

My neurosurgeon said the same area of the brain that registers pain also controls your emotions. That is the reason for the close tie between chronic pain and depression.

Please, get your dr. to prescribe an anti-depressant. It will have you looking at life completely different!

Good Luck!
I think I have some at home. It is either Celexa or Clanapin. I will talk to my Doctor about it.