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Quick history: Ruptured disk 11/01. Microdiscectomy (right L4/L5)4/02. Continued back pain and now nerve involvement in left leg. PT, meds, back brace, steroids. Now I've been sent to Pain Management from the neurosurgeon.

My first visit was 4/04. After an initial exam, I was sent for a EMG (ouch), more X-Rays, another MRI (3rd), and had TFESI (I think it's Trans-foraminal Epidural Steroid Injections - double ouch!). Just prior to last Friday's injections, I ran out of Vicodin and Percocet from the neuro. Pain Mgmt will only prescribe Ultricet - which does absolutely nothing. In other words, they have inflicted nasty pain and have given me basically nothing for the pain I'm still experiencing. Although I have not received the results of the tests, they did tell me I definitely have another pinched nerve now on the left. The injections have so far not done anything; however, the doctor said it will not help with disk problems or the scar tissue that encompasses the right L5 nerve root. They insist on doing all three series - a month apart. He claims it's also a diagnostic test - that if these injections do not work, it narrows it down to disk problems and then we can do the dreaded discogram to confirm! You've gotta be kidding!

My neuro will not prescribe anything while I am under the care of Pain Mgmt. What am I supposed to do in the meantime?

I am living on Advil which I believe works better than the Ultricet. I also take Celexa and Flexirel (sp?), but I need something for the pain that gets worse as the day goes on, wakes me up in the middle of the night, and generally ruins my life!

I thought these people may have some compassion for those of us who live in constant chronic pain, but I guess not!


Welcome to the Wide World of Doctors. Sometimes they can get so mixed up. To this day, every time I see my GP, he asks me when I plan to return to work. I returned to work 2 months after my second back surgery last year. :) Gotta love it.

I'm going to suggest asking your doctor about Neurontin or Topomax like was done in an earlier post. I had to stop Neurontin because it caused me to go on a seafood diet. Any food I saw, I ate, BA-BOOM-BOOM!!!

Also, ask your doctor about Elavil, which is a muscle relaxant and does act as a mild antidepressant.

And as for the menta stuff, I have to say it's a good idea to get help, but do it on your terms, too. To tell you a sad story, my first surgery was 2/2001 to my lumbar region, which made me a new man. Life was great. Then 6/2002, my dad got sick, thought it was a stroke. Wish it was a stroke. Brain tumor. Crap. Helping him get around did me in. I had to get a 2 tier ACDF at C5/6/7. It took me 2 months to recover and my dad died a month after the surgery.

I felt I was getting over all this stuff when 1/2003, another disc herniated in my lumbar region. I'm going through that right now. The pain, not being able to clean my house, mow my own yard, drove me over the edge a few months ago. I chose a therapist and about 3 weeks ago, my back doc, seeing the despair of my situation, put me on Effexor. I feel a bit better now.

Now, everyone cheer up. While I was stuck in the hospital with my ACDF, they sent in psych to evaluate me. All this guy could do was ask me about my parents' drug abuse. That was the first time that I had laughed in a long time. My parents were in there 70's and their drugs of choice were for high blood pressure and the like. :)

Oh, and they did put me on Celexa, it did nothing to help depression. However, it did loosen my lips. I would say things that you normally would just keep to yourself. After I had been on it for a few days, I just had to compliment (out loud) one of the nurses on her "very fine @$$." Go figure. :)

Sorry to hear about your ongoing problems and those of your dad. I take Celexa, and I really think it was the best thing I've done through this whole mess. I'm a little leary of the Neurontin, but other than the fuzziness (which I think is getting better) I haven't seen much help on the pain.

I think you understood my situation just fine. I've decided to suck it up and wait until my next injection on 5/16 to ask again for something for the pain. Actually, the pm director is gone for the month of May, and I don't think anyone else in that office farts without her okay. Therefore, I'm sure I will have to suffer until she gets back.

I forgot to say the neuropsychiatrist has me signed up for chronic pain group therapy sessions beginning in June. I am still hoping they figure out a long-term solution that will no longer qualify me for the chronic pain club.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.