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Your welcome. If you ever have any questions about medication (this goes for everyone), just let me know. If I don't know the answer, I can ask one of the doctors I work with. They are psychiatrists, and know a ton about most meds.

By the way, I am on anti-depressants also. I take a low dose of Celexa to take the edge off things. Between my back injury, and gaining weight after quitting smoking (which I now cannot lose)it tends to wear you down.

As far as taking meds, I used to feel like you. I never even liked to take tylenol for a headache. But now, I have comed to terms with my need for my meds, at least for the time being. Without the pain meds, I would not be able to function, and without the anti-depressants, I would be crying all the time. It's hard to admit you need the help of medication, especially if you are Type A personality like me who thinks you can conquer the world on your own.

Wishing you continued luck!

hersheysmommy :)