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Thanks L5S1 & Debbiel for replies - finally got to see back surgeon yesterday - he wants to do fusion of L4, L5 & S1 & decompression - here I was hoping for something simple - just a little clean-up! lol!
Going for 1st epidural selective nerve root block on Monday - & pcp said she was still hopeful 2 or 3 of these would allow the area to heal & the foot pain would go away - so still have that alternative
what really scares me is she (pcp)sent me away yesterday after I saw specialist with 3 prescriptions. 1 for more Ultram, 1 for naproxin & 1 for Celexia (anti-depressant) & took all 3 last night.
This morning checked up on them on internet - napropxan (anti-inflammatory a no-no if having injection (mine is on monday!) & celexa should not be taken if taking Ultram!
Of course I did receive instructions about not taking certain drugs including the naproxan but read that weeks ago - she could have reminded me! But the Ultram & the Celexa!
Just shows you really have to take charge of your own health & not succumb to stupid self pity!
& if I get depressed so be it!