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Joe-I have that also, but think it is from the ibuprofen. Getting to a point when I eat that food hurts when it gets to a certain spot. And then it just churns, sometimes that stops and sometimes I have to throw up. Doc gave me a pill I take half hour before eating and it doesn't help. Specialist gave me nexium but still waiting on mail order script to be delivered, so am not taking any ibuprofen until it arrives. Seems anything I take now makes it flare up.

Back spasm episode requiring a week in hospital-1998
MRI 1998 showed bulge at L5S1. Doc gives me Oxycondin, Celebrex, Quinine Sulfate, Celexa. Took myself off these, reaction to Celebrex then Relafin, then Vioxx.
July 1999 Pain Management series of three steroid injections, didn't help.
Physical therapy and TENS unit, neither helped.
MRI Jan.2001 referred to specialist
Discogram March 2001 showed 4 of 5 lumbars bulged, surgeon says fusion out of question. Aquatic therapy seemed to make me feel better overall but did nothing for back.
Third MRI Dec 2002, in middle of major episode with back that didn't end until March 2003. Traction therapy total failure. Results read of MRI said no change.
Sept 2003 Neucleoplasty specialist showed me the tears in two of the lumbars and leaking.
Pain has progressed into hips and down back of legs. Standing has been lowered to 15 minutes from 30.
Drugs of choice ibuprofen 800mg 3xdaily.
Vicodin as needed.