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I have trouble sleeping as well as the others. My doctor gave me Elavil for body jerks and you only take this at bedtime. I didn't realize it at the time that it was an antidepressant(didn't make me feel any better) and when I take it I am almost asleep before I hit the pillow. Only problem I have with it is I am groggy in the morning, no matter how early in the evening I take it, so anyway by times I stop taking it. And I know you shouldn't do that, but as with everything else we have wrong I get tired of the grogginess. Then I go a few nights with no sleep and give in again.I know as you get older you get by on less sleep but this is ridiculous!!! And the stupid mistakes I am making is no doubt from the lack of sleep. You know paying one bill twice wile others aren't getting paid at all, leaving the water running in the bathroom sink after I leave the bathroom. Sometimes it scares me. Glad I don't have small children anymore.........

Back spasm episode requiring a week in hospital-1998
MRI 1998 showed bulge at L5S1. Doc gives me Oxycondin, Celebrex, Quinine Sulfate, Celexa. Took myself off these, reaction to Celebrex then Relafin, then Vioxx.
July 1999 Pain Management series of three steroid injections, didn't help.
Physical therapy and TENS unit, neither helped.
MRI Jan.2001 referred to specialist
Discogram March 2001 showed 4 of 5 lumbars bulged, surgeon says fusion out of question. Aquatic therapy seemed to make me feel better overall but did nothing for back.
Third MRI Dec 2002, in middle of major episode with back that didn't end until March 2003. Traction therapy total failure. Results read of MRI said no change.
Sept 2003 Neucleoplasty specialist showed me the tears in two of the lumbars and leaking.
Pain has progressed into hips and down back of legs. Standing has been lowered to 15 minutes from 30.
Drugs of choice ibuprofen 800mg 3xdaily.
Vicodin as needed.
I take such a cocktail of drugs at night and they were not helping. I was taking 600 mgs neurontin, 40 mgs celexa, and 4 mg Zanaflex. I finally asked the neuro and he prescribed Ambien. At first, it worked very quickly, now is taking a little longer. But, I can get about 5 hours sleep before I wake up in pain. Usually then I will take a Lortab 10/500 and be able to sleep another couple hours. I also use lots of pillows. Your body really needs rest to heal, so not sleeping is especially bad. In the past I tried the melatonin (sp). It's a chemical naturally found in the body that regulates your sleep, and as you get older, the body produces less. This was before my pain, but I think it did help some.


20 years intermittent back pain - no treatment sought
Nov 2001 - herniated disk - Right leg radiculopathy
Jan 2002 - Chiropractic care
Mar 2002 - MRI, X-Rays, Oral steroids
Apr 2002 - L4/L5 Microdiskectomy
Sept 2002 - PT, Oral steroids
Oct 2002 - MRI, Xrays - Failed Back Syndrome
Apr 2003 - TFESI, EMG, MRI
Diagnosis - DDD - foraminal narrowing, disk bulges, osteophytes, ligamentum flavum hypertrophy, active marrow edema, levoscoliosis, retrolisthesis, scar tissue encompassing L5 nerve root, disk height diminished, abnormal EMG results for left leg
Sept 2003 - Discogram with Xrays, CT Scan.
Oct 2003 - 2 level 360 degree fusion to be scheduled