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Hey all-
This looks like a thread (along with Good Fusion Outcomes...) that I can relate to! Although I don't have the date for my fusion, he's hoping to get it scheduled in the next couple weeks. Looks like there may be several of us in around the same time.

Some questions you all touched on earlier - Can someone explain what a BAK cage is? The neuro showed me a plastic ring-like thing with serated edges that he says will be filled with BMP and inserted into the disk spaces. What's this? And, what is INFUSE? Although he explained the procedure well, he didn't use technical terms.

Oh, one more question. The neuro gave me Ambien yesterday, I took one last night and bounced off the walls all night. I haven't slept for 31 hours now. Anyone had that experience? Could it be that I take Celexa, Neurontin and Zanaflex at night, also?

Take Care all


20 years intermittent back pain - no treatment sought
Nov 2001 - herniated disk - Right leg radiculopathy
Jan 2002 - Chiropractic care
Mar 2002 - MRI, X-Rays, Oral steroids
Apr 2002 - L4/L5 Microdiskectomy
Sept 2002 - PT, Oral steroids
Oct 2002 - MRI, Xrays - Failed Back Syndrome
Apr 2003 - TFESI, EMG, MRI
Diagnosis - DDD - foraminal narrowing, disk bulges, osteophytes, ligamentum flavum hypertrophy, active marrow edema, levoscoliosis, retrolisthesis, scar tissue encompassing L5 nerve root, disk height diminished, abnormal EMG results for left leg
Sept 2003 - Discogram with Xrays, CT Scan.
Oct 2003 - 2 level 360 degree fusion to be scheduled