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Heh, wow, Im kinda glad I found this post cause now there is someone out there that knows what I know about the metabolism. Ifoundhope is correct about "reconfiguring" the metabolism, and the major reason, from what I think is that the only time that someone would gain weight is because of improper functioning of the metabolism. Im not sure if Ifoundhope has the same ideas as me but it sounds like it, so I think is what she means is that there are certain factors that can effects the metabolism, and that they need to be corrected. Good examples of things that negatively effect the metabolism are genetic disorders, chemicals such as brominated flame retardants, arsenic, and teflon, even perscription drugs can impair your metabolic functions, like prozac, and anti-diabetic drugs. There are unique answers to any affliction, for example, Brominated flame retardants cause problems with thyroid hormones, the only way to fix this problem is elimination and avoidance of the chemical, which can be a very serious project, since it could be in the carpeting in your house, this is a very serious one though. For genetic disorders its still pretty tough, but the hard part is discovering and locating the exact metabolic/genetic disorder. Once you have discovered the disorder treatment is easy if you have a good understanding of metabolic pathology, if you dont your doctor that did the testing most likely would. Other things like prozac are really easy, just stop taking it or find a substitute that has less effects on the metabolism, like celexa or lexapro. Ifoundhope also said a good point, she/he stated that for most of us our metabolism is out of whack, personally with my experiences with brominated flame retardants, everyone in america would have something wrong with there metabolism, due to the fact that everyone in america with come in contact with the chemical(BFRs) repeatedly as they go through life, be it on a daily basis, or a weekly basis, basically cause its in computers, carpets, drapes, furniture, electronics, and others(There are other flame retardants than just brominated ones, so its not in ALL carpets, or ALL electronics). The trick with brominated flame retardants is just limiting your exposure to it, kinda rough egh? It gets worse, but ill stop there. I hope this explained what Ifoundhope meant, if anyone has any questions or didnt understand anything just let me know and ill explain, or answer your questions.


Edit: Examples of genetic/metabolic disorders would be something like hyperphenylalanine, or hemochromatosis. And sometimes is just absorbtion problem.

Also, there are things that effecty the metabolism in a positive manor, excersize is an obvious one, but Im talking about herbs, and they all have different effects, you just need to know what you are looking for and what you expects from them, a few good herbs are Guggulipids, Coleus, Yucca, Citrus Aurantium, Ephedra, Guarana, etc...