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Linda ~

I've been on an anti-depressant for years due to a genetic neuro-chemical imbalance. I was doing fine on 1/2 the normal dose of Celexa until I went on Keppra. Suddenly I was depressed again! I'll take a med that's also an anti-depressant over one that has a side effect of causing depression any day!!! Since the literature on Lyrica says it's contraindicated for people w/ bleeding disorders & I have a genetic clotting dysfunction, I think I'm going to check w/ my neuro on Mon. about the advisability of staying on Lyrica (especially since I'm already experiencing taste loss & that was the 1st negative symptom w/ Topamax...the drug from h-e-double hockey sticks.) I'm going to check the professional info on Cymbalta & if it looks like there's nothing to prevent me from taking it, will ask my neuro to switch me on Mon.

Do you have any negative reactions to Cymbalta??? Would appreciate your input B4 switching!


Midge :cool:

PS. So sorry to hear about your MS. Will keep you in my prayers. :angel:

PPS. Just checked the PDR info on Cymbalta...primary side effects are weight gain & gastritis. Since I've been hospitalized 3x w/ bleeding ulcers, I guess I'd better pass on trying this one!! I'll stay w/ the Lyrica for now as long as they say it won't be a problem w/ my von Willebrand's (the bleeding disorder). Whoever said life begins at 40 hadn't gotten there yet!! That's when I started falling apart!!