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Thanks ny17! I suppose it is something that we have to learn to live with!

Yesterday I went for my monthly visit with my pain management doctor. I dread these visits because I hate to complain if a certain medication is not working. So many people abuse medication and there has been so many adjustments to how a doctor prescribes these days, so I guess I am afraid that she will think that I just want something stronger. However, I am on the other end of the scope. I will try NOT to take pain medication if I don't think I am hurting to bad. She has me on 2.5 mgs of methadone twice a day with Ultram 50 mgs...as needed for breakthrough pain. I was on Morphine, extended release but that eventually quit helping. Ok, so I sort of got off my office visit. Sorry. I went in and had to go thru the 50 questions about, "Is the pain worse than it was the last time you were here?, On a scale of 1 being better and 10 being worse, what is your pain now and how has it been thru the month, etc... I don't know about the rest of you, but I get so depressed some days about having to take medication, more so, being dependent on it. So as I am talking with my doc and explaining the different things that I have had to do at work, I tell her about some days that I have been depressed to the point of crying. She seems concerned in the sense that I have had no one to talk to about this. I just sometimes feel like my peers at work think that I am putting on, and that I am really not hurting like I say that I am. There are days when I go home that I feel like I can not take one more step. So, to make a long story short. She seemed really concerned that I was having some small bouts of depression for which I am being treated with Celexa and she set me up with an appointment to see one of her colleagues. What's amazing is that today, this doctor called me personally to ask how I was doing and to make the appointment himself. He did his best to accomodate my work schedule and to get me in as soon as possible. Maybe things are looking up for me, I sure hope so. When he was getting off of the phone with me, he actually told me that he hoped that my day went well and if I needed anything to call. I must say, I am impressed. Let's hope his bedside manner is as good as his telephone manners. I will keep you all posted.