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Hi guys, Thanks for all the replies. This ankle and leg pain s--- 's, pardon my french! I'm trying something new today and just taking 1 percocet every five hours instead of 2 in the afternoon when it gets really bad. It feels like someone has a hot iron at the bottom fo my spine and the pain radiates down my legs to my ankles and feet. Hey Jen, I cry everytime I go to the doc. He probably thinks I'm a blubbering idiot. If he was mean I'd be okay but when he talks nice to me the faucets turn on. Deb53, I don't know if your on an antidepressant or not but I've ben on celexa for many years and I woud probably be in the loony bin about now if I weren't. It's kind of scary to know you still have so much pain like mine when you are so far post-op. Oh well IT COULD BE WORSE , so they say.....................Debbie