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Hello All:

Hairdoer, your problem is similar to mine. I have had allergies only as an adult except for bad poison ivy which I had as a kid. But I had my first anaphylactic reaction 3.5 years ago (contrast), had another one last year (morphine), and a third one this year (penicillin). That last one was in April and I have been really sick ever since, requiring three hospitalizations (total of one month). I have finally been diagnosed with autoimmune urticaria. I have had hives almost daily (now daily) for some time now. I never thought much about it but I have also had bad stomach problems which I just assumed was irritable bowel syndrome. However, since the last anaphylactic reaction I have had blood pressure problems (drops low when it is normally high), dizziness, visual problems, headaches, and bone/joint pain. The bone pain got so bad that I could not walk at one point. I had a low-grade fever and a virus at that point but still have bone/joint pain now. I start Cellcept tomorrow, as antihistamines (H1 and H2 blockers) have not done the trick. I understand that people with one autoimmune disease are at higher risk of developing a second, and I did have rheumatic fever when I was in college, so maybe that put me at higher risk for this. I really hope the Cellcept helps. It's nice to have this board to go to to read other peoples' stories! Thanks!:)