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When I went to my gyn for my four week post op after undergoing a total hysterectomy she prescribed cenestin as a hormone replacement. I hadn't had any symptoms suggesting that I needed HRT but she wanted me to take it anyway.

I took my first pill and didn't sleep a wink that night because of constant hot flashes. I would drench down with sweat, then kick the cover off, then the a/c and ceiling fan would evaporate the sweat causing me to freeze. Thus, this cycle continued all night.

The next day I opted to not take the hormones. Still had hot flashes that night but fewer in number. I haven't taken any since and the hot flashes have gone away and I'm back to my normal self.

Not only have I not had any more hot flashes, I don't seem to have had the depression that my doctor told me might come without hormones. In fact, my mood is better than it was before my surgery. I have a more positive outlook than ever, and have lost about 12 pounds to boot.

Am I abnormal or is there a logical medical explanation for this phenomenon. I am six weeks post op at this time.