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No problem hon!

When I woke up, I was a bit disoriented, but otherwise not too bad! Sore, but not in excruciating pain. My mood was happy! I'd been in pain forever and was glad to get this done, though I will admit I was a bit sad that I wouldn't have anymore children.

My doc waited a few weeks until I started having horrible hot flashes to put me on HRT. I'm on 1.25 mg of Cenestin and it works wonders.

Hon, you will need to rest as much as possible for at least the first six weeks. If you get up and down trying to stay busy, your recovery will be delayed. You will not be able to get up by yourself easily, especially if you have an abdominal incision, and you might feel dizzy. Going to the bathroom will be uncomfortable. Be prepared for diarrhea or constipation, a lot of gas, and your bladder might feel weird when you urinate. This does go away but it takes a couple of weeks.

I would ask your doc about flying. 3 weeks into recovery, you will still be weak and sore. I'm really not sure about flying. NO driving! Talk to your doc and let us know what he/she says!

Love, Amy