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hi there. i had an unexpected hysterectomy back in february. i had never gone to the doctor for womenly check up so come to find out i had endometrios. my uterus was the size of a 3 month pregnacy. also had a hugh ovarian cyst that had been there apparently for years. the only thing i noticed was spotting which i thought was normal for me.

i had a laproscopic hysterectomy. was in the hospital over night and back at work 2 weeks later. it was actually great. the laproscopic surgery involves 3 small incisions. not a big cut. that is half the healing time right there, that big incision.

anyway to ans your question i have not had any problems with acne. i'm on HRT, cenestin, since they had to take both overies. no problems with hot flashes or night sweats either. i'm 43 by the way:cool: