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I had a hysterectomy in Nov of 2001. At that time I weighed about 110 and I'm 5'1. They put me on Cenestin and within a years time i was up to 150, which i have never been , even when i was pregnant. I decided to go off Cenestin and start the Atkins diet on the same day. I got down to 130 in 2 months, but I stayed on the induction the whole time, not just for 2 weeks like they say(not sure how healthy that is). I've been off the diet for about a month and have gained back 10 pounds. I'm going back on the Atkins, it works really well for the weight, but still trying to find something to help me out with the hot flashes, depression, anxiety and the lack of concentration. I refuse to go back on any hrt, hopefully there is something out there for that without the weight gain.