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Just wanted to start by saying it should be a crime to be billed uninsurable, what bull.
I am 33 and 4 weeks post op from a 2 level fusion and had 3 disks replaced ( I gained 1/2 inch in height! ).
I too saw a surgeon about 2 years ago. He told me also there was nothing he could do for me ( looking at my mri) and said "this is what happens to people when they start to get older ( was about 30 ). So I went around for almost two years thinking everyone hurts like that.
Finally, 3 months ago my back gave out and I ended up in the ER, had a MRI, spent 3 days there. Then I met my now surgeon who told me also that I had severe degeneration in my lumbar. I also have lumbar spinal senosis and what I have always known scoliosis. He also said I was a good surgical candidate for fusion. So, did some research and talked another doc. Got the fusion 4 weeks ago today. I am just now starting to feel the difference in my back. I am still in pain from surgery, but I do notice my lower back does not have the same old ache to it. I also like you smoke, I quit 5 weeks ago today. It has been hard, but I realized that smoking had helped with my degeneration and over all pain, plus I wanted a sucessful fusion ( smoking stops bone growth, and takes so much out of the bones ) I smoked for over 10 years. I still miss it and want it sometimes, but I want fusion more. I tired chantix to stop and it really helped me. So I am hoping a year from now I will be mostly pain free and not on pain meds anymore! I hope this helps you a little bit. I wish you the best of luck in what you decide to do. Take care.

Yvette, I was told that the success rate of a fusion was about 68% if you are a smoker, 98% if you are not. My Dr. also told me that I had to quit 3 weeks before the surgery. I was a smoker and quit by using Chantix, it is the best thing I have ever done, I will soon be quit 12 weeks. This drug is a miracle.
Yeah Hosta, I have quit 5 weeks now ( smoked over 10 years ) Used chantix I agree with you that stuff really helps you quit. Congrats on you becoming a non smoker:blob_fire hard to do!