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:) I just woke up and could ditch the coffee for a pina colada right now lol. I woke up and was like wow holy crap its almost here....is this reality closing in..I just can't believe its almost here.

I think the furniture in place now will be a benefit and I will have something to hold on to walking to the bathroom without a walker even. I am definitley not gonna be drinking as much as usual cause I pee constantly lol.

Yesterday I was laying in bed trying out the laptop to see how I'd be able to do it and I was thinking....hell I ain't gonna have any problems quitting smoking cause I'll be here alone during the day and won't be able to drive to get any cigarettes lol. So only a few days left of smoking. I need to quit anyway....

I keep invisioning be healthier, able to excersize again,being strong, doing things, un-isolated, working....having my life back. I had wanted to start this medicine called chantix to quit smoking, but they said you can't take it pre-op.

I just can't believe its almost here.

Thanks for the prayers and thank you for everything you guys have already done for me...words cant describe what you've all done...you've changed my whole outlook...I only hope that I can give back someday what you all have given to me.

And i am grateful that i have you buddys. And I am grateful that I'll have you guys when healing. And I have to say also that I promise to come back here after I am all healed and be a sucess story, so people know the positive side.
I dont' look forward to surgery, but look forward to regaining my life...

Awh I love you guys...