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Lisa, Sorry for your frustration. Fusion is a long bumping road. I know a few have already told you this but I am too. I smoked for over ten years. I quit four months ago ( so hard to do, I feel your pain ) I have been tempeted to smoke so many times.....I just won't. I used something called Chantix to help me quit and it realy helped me, might help you. I have weight to lose too, I have lost some, still have more togo, ugh. Don't give up!! keep going, take it day by day. I tell my self everyday that I am trying so in the end I know I did everything in my power to fuse and heal ect... Keep going Lisa!!!


Healing well after L4 -S1 TLIF 12/12/06
awww Lisa, so sorry that you are not fusing (yet)....such a bummer...but, don't give up...keep going...just to let you know, yes, I am a smoker too...(nasty, dirty, habit..) BUT, I have just gotten a prescription for the Chantix tablets...I will be starting them next week...(have a lot of driving to do...again...and don't want to chance a side effect causing me problems.). I smoked after my ACDF...and fortunately it fused wonderfully...very very lucky. I am soooo sorry that you are having such problems...hopefully Dr. N. will be able to help you out...gotta try all of the options...even if we don't want to ... you have been through such a trial with all of this. I will keep you in my prayers ..
I go back next Thurs. on the 29th..to PM clinic...in Jax...have to sign in at noon...at the hospital...appt. not till 1...not quite sure what they are going to do next...yikes!! (think SI injections...cause they said that I didn't get enough relief from the facet injections..hey 50% was good for me, but not for them..)
Keep us informed about your progress..really concerned about you...and sorry that you are having such difficulties with the fusion.