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Well I guess I should, I am one sad individual I'd rather smoke than eat. Let me get my brain around this. I guess my biggest problem honestly is...I don't want to gain any more weight. I've gained ten lbs and real unhappy about it.

More than my back, I want to quit smoking for my general health. I will make a point to call today and see if I can get the chantix. I have read many people took it and it just makes it undesireable to smoke.
Hi Usta and Yvette, I agree with Shawley. I am not going to yell at you both I am going to tell you is this. I smoked for over 10 years! I know how hard it is to quit! I have not smoked in 4 months!! I used Chantix to help me quit and it really did help. Smoking really hurts the back. I will be here also to help you guys along in the quitting venture if you need me ( just yell ). If I can do it anyone can! Hope this helps.

Ok so we are all fessing up!!!!! Crap, its a habit its an addiction,its gross, i just need to do it. I will quit with you clover. How many days does that give me..i will decrease gradually, thats what I had to do with my pain meds before. I will call about the chantix today.

Trust me this has been on my mind big time, and I should have quit at the hospital.

I'll do it with you!!!!!!1
Hi usta and vette and all:

I've been reading, but not been posting on here for the past few days cuz I felt like I was a worthless piece of dung. I felt like you all had it so together and I sucked. In a way it was such a relief to read that you have the same isssues that I am facing too. I am a smoker too (since age 18, now 47), and did very well while in the hosp not really missing the smokes. Like shawley says, I guess it's the drugs and pain that make us not miss the smokes at the hosp. I was so out of it in the hosp. When I got home, I had someone get me a pack, KNOWING it was SOOOOO very wrong. I haven't put them down since. My husband doesn't know I am smoking again, nor does my doc. I'm scared, and want to quit soooo much. Before my surgery, I had cut way back, from 3 packs to about 1 pack and a few a day, in readying myself to quit.... then the CES thing hit, and I had to "quit" cold turkey when I had to have the emergency MicroD and 2 level fusion on the 9th.

I feel just awful about smoking. I don't know who to go to in order to try to get the Chantix cuz I'm afraid to let my NeuroSurgeon know. My insurance doesn't cover it, I already checked. Anyone know how much it costs? I have an appt on Sat to get my staples out, and my husband will be with me, so I'm scared to talk with my NS about it then.

I started taking Calcium, and Glucosimane and Chondrotin. I had called the NS to ask about starting them since I was a smoker up till my surgery date, and he said it wasn't important, that the important thing was I wasn't smoking now. So I said to myself, guess I better start those supplements since I'm a jerk and AM smoking.

I'm a mess about this. I hate being so weak to a stupid drug like nicotene. Healing wise I'm doing well. I'm getting out and walking my cul-de-sac several times a day, and my pain levels are not THAT bad. Mostly just the muscle spasams, and nerve pain deep in right calf and hamstring. Doc is letting me go back to work on Monday for part time to just oversee my students. I teach sign language, so there is no one to sub for me.

Sorry for the very long post, but I feel a bit better after a good cry and post. Thanks for reading this far. I'll keep us all in my prayers that we can kick this nasty habit.

Hugs to all,

:angel: Bg
Well BG trust me I didn't want to confess, if it wasn't for lynn I'm sure I still wouldn't have. And I know this is sad, but I am glad I am not the only one. I just called the pharmacy and asked if it chantix could be taking with cymbalta, he said any prescriptions are ok. Don't know if my insurance will pay for it or not yet.

What about calling your family doctor?

My surgeon knew I was a smoker, he said, well I will do the surgery if you smoke or not. But it would be kinda crazy to go through all this and not quit, since it cuts your chances of fusion.

I was so drugged in the hospital but remember reaching around, for a cigarette, but I was ok. Once in the car, I said give me a cigarette and the h did, and has been supplying me since. See not that it is his fault, it isn't but he doesn't really want me to quit. He's afraid then I will push him to quit. And he had a big problem about not smoking around me. So really its easier for him if I smoke to.

i'm gonna look up more info on chantix, we should probably move this to the smoking board after we see if anyone else wants to fess up...they talk alot about the chantix over there.
I just read on another post that we aren't alone, I think we should give some more time for other's. I feel like a sinner. Or like I'm doing something illegeal. I wasn't able to find out about if my insurance would pay. But on the other board about smoking everyone is talking about the chantix.
Ok, I'll join you all on the no smoking...I already have the Chantix....in the drug store it cost approx. $115. a month.. I was sooooo pleasently surprised that my ins. paid for most of it..(I pd. approx. $19.). So there is no excuse for me not to stop smoking... I am weak, I will need SUPPORT. But, I will also support anyone else who is trying, by whatever method they choose to stop smoking. Guess this is the time we will have to "attend" self support meetings..like AA. Good luck to all of us.


Make yourself number one priority,try to ignore his bs. You are the one trying to heal and be healther in the process, don't let him railroad you. I will try to get my hands on the chantix on Monday also. Have you heard if Clover will be joining us? Lynn:wave: