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My Dear Clover,

I am so sorry to hear about your eye exam. I claim right now that you have had enough on your plate to have anymore right now in the name of Jesus! That "C" work has got to be the worst word in any language and I am claiming for you right now that it is not what the MD said it might be. On to better news, you are doing better than you thought with your back recovery, we are only four weeks out today, not five. I found out from my mother-in-law tonight that after my surgeon finished with me, he went out and told them that the surgery went fine BUT there would be major issues with nerve pain in the right leg that would take several weeks to settle down. Dh said he told me, I said right, in the hospital when I was heavily medicated? This is the first time I have heard it. MD wasn't lying. I guess he didn't have to tell me, I've been living it. LOL. It has improved over the last two weeks, the only places it still really bothers me is in the lower right quadrant of the small of my back, inside the hip and the front of the knee. Below the knee the burning is almost gone on the inside and the outside feeling is returning. It seems to itch a lot in those areas too. I start Pt Tuesday 27th. Same day I see MD for new diet. I picked up the Chantix tonight and will start taking it Tuesday am. I can't believe it, UHC does cover it, it is more expensive than regular script, but instead of laying out $115. per month, tonight was $25. Send next 90 day script to UHC and it will only be $50. I was so shocked that my jaw hit my computer desk, I think I bruised it! LOL You have to start in the am first 3 days, then 2x a day am & pm for the next four days, you can still smoke the first week. So my actual quit day is April 2nd. I have already started a post on the smoking cessation board. Please join us...esp. since this eye thing has popped up. Pfizer has programs to help people without ins. or ins. that won't cover to help anyone who wants it. Just go to their web site. I love ya Clover, I want you to be well. Stay strong and do not claim what the MD told you, rebuke it!!! I wish I could reach through this screen and give you a great big hug and shoulder if you needed it. Be strong girl, you have come so far...Look forward to hearing from you, usta:angel: