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Hi, got back from the doctor, boy did that wear me the hell out. Hour drive...then being there...had the run around with xray and feel like I walked five miles and then the drive back....whew couldn't wait to get back to bed!!! Anyway, I did get my xray wow, and the reason why my right side is hurting the worst is thats where they took the bone from. They let me bring my xray home to!!! I was hoping it would give me some symptathy from the hubby :eek: - But he didn't seem to impressed by it.

But he has been nice today.

They told me I could increase my walking to whatever just do it gradually. No driving, no swimming yet either. They said they will keep doing my meds. -but I will be getting a family doctor to.

Surgeon said he wants me to get off the xanax, and that by next month shouldn't need the oxycotin anymore either. He did prescribe the chantix, but my insurance won't pay for it, its 130 so I am gonna call around see if can find it cheaper.

They said my incision looked awesome...they also told me the nerve like pain in my feet will hopefully go away by six months. But so far it isn't near as bad as it was, not enough to go back on neurotin and its really only when in the car for some reason. My back hurts the worst when sitting or riding in car so that's why no driving.

Think that's it.....oh no ice, use heat now!!