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I went to see the spine surgeon in Boston on Monday. He is not recommending surgery at this time. He said that my L4/L5 disc which I had a micro-d a couple years ago is all sloppy since it looks black on the MRI. The
L3/L4 disc is not looking so hot either. He did say ADR and fusion. But, he said that the outcomes are only about 50%. So, I have to lose weight, go to PT like there is no tomorrow, quit smoking, and get the depression under control. So, I have gotten my script for Chantix and I am looking towards the future. He did say that the PT will hurt and that I will have to work through the pain. I have to keep a positive attitude about all the changes I need to make. He did say that if all of the things that he suggested doesn't work that I should come back and see him again. At least he wasn't rushing me into surgery. I am still in a lot of pain and I am hoping that I will be able to get a TENS soon. The new PT place I am going to is great and if I get a script for the TENS I can try it for a week to see if it will give me relief before investing the money into it. So, wish me luck guys. I hope everyone is doing well.

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I am not sure why the physiatrist decided to take me off it. I had "brain mush" from it also. I know that the side effect can wear off. But, since I told the physiatrist that it wasn't helping with the pain he told me to stop taking it.

I will have to look in to Topamax. I am currently taking Zoloft prior to this reccurrence of back and nerve pain. Since it is not really helping me with the anxiety and depression so much I just got a script for Wellburtrin also to try with the Zoloft. I got the script for the Wellburtrin and the Chantix today from my primary's PA and informed her of my pain issues as well. She said that the Wellburtrin may help with the nerve pain and with the smoking as well. So, for now I am going to give it a go and see what happens. All that I know is that I really want to be off of the percocet. Hopefully, things will work out so I won't have to be on it forever. The taking of all of these different drugs I think can be kinda scary. I really don't like the idea of taking a cocktail like that everyday. It doesn't help when some of my family members tell me that they are scared about me taking all of these drugs. I just want to keep that to myself sometimes. But, I inform them just in case something were to happen. I guess it is just part of the pain puzzle. Gotta figure out which pieces fit together nicely.

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