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I need to thank ibakeandpray. You told me about The Spine Institute in Reston. I just got back today and I am just so freakin happy! I have to pay out of pocket b/c their not in network but I don't really care...they are AWESOME!!! :bouncing:

They did the basic exam but a more thorough one than I have ever had before from that they were able to tell me most of my problems. Stuff I never knew I had but knew something was wrong.

They did xrays and confirmed their findings, sending me for another MRI.

They found that alot of my lower back pain comes from my sacrum and the bone by it, its not moving, it's stiff. Of course they mentioned the herniated and bulging discs at L4/L5. On the xray it showed my lowest two discs...not sure which ones but they showed up black, which means they are dried up. They determined the reason for the tingling and numbness in my legs and back is b/c the sacrum thing is inflamed and pressing on my nerves at times.

Oh and I dont even remember what else is wrong with me...Im just happy I have a diagnosis. They didn't just look at my 2 yr old MRI, throw me in PT and be done with me.

He said he would do the surgery and will do a discogram? Where they do the dye to determine the damaged discs or something.

But first he said he wants to make sure he did everything else he could and do surgery last. So I go to PT again...I am scheduled for the shots but one going in a weird place below my spine and another by the sacrum area that is not moving. He put me on Naproxen and asked if I wanted pain meds! I have never had anyone just offer me pain meds...I normally ask and they decline or give me a small amount for a very short period of time.

He wants me to quit smoking before the surgery, so he gave me Chantix and this is another reason he is reluctant to do the surgery right now b/c of the problems smoking causes with the healing time and all that. Im good with that. I want and need to quit anyhow.

I am just so happy that a Dr. finally took the time to listen to me and not just brush me off. Thanks again for the recommendation Ibakeandpray!