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Hey Scrappi....

Yes, legally, if I refuse any recommended treatment, then wc can stop paying my weekly benefits, and my dr can legally release me back to work with no restrictions........as crazy and stupid as it sounds...so yes, it would be "fatal" for me to refuse treatments. (im not sure if you know what weekly benefits are...its 2/3 of what i was earning per week when i got hurt, they have to pay that until im released to go back to work). yes, there is something terribly wrong with our system....but its just as crazy and whacky as any other system in our country. maybe even moreso. They take a refusal as my saying that Im ok and dont need further care. I have time to think on it, which of course, I am going to do. They arent "giving" me the time..Im taking the time!!! lol Given that I will be doing more PT, that will bide me a little more time...and in the meantime...other options will be tossed and talked about with my attorney...settlement wise. thats the ONLY thing that will save me from having to go through surgery. Im not sold on surgery, but, Im at least not knocking it totally out of my mind. 95% against....lets just say that much. with wc....NOTHING is your choice. you do just as the dr recommends...period! if he tells me to stand on my head and yell that im a loser...i HAVE to legally do it or lose my benefits! LOL. as long as i abide by their rules and dr recommendations, they have to pay for my medical for as long as it takes...or until a settlement agreement is reached. BUT they have the right to refuse to pay for any treatment that a dr recommends. for instance, if a dr suggests me to try a chiropractor.....wc has the right to deny it. ????????? i cant deny any course of treatment that the dr recommends....but wc CAN!! even though the dr is recommending surgery.......its VERY possible that wc will refuse to pay for it. its really crazy and so far beyond ridiculous.....so yeah....you kinda feel screwed no matter which way you turn with it.

The only thing thats important to me is either getting better....which I dont think is possible now.......and making certain that I dont lose out on even more with my life and my girls. Hearing all of the stories on this forum has really been informative, and has helped me to learn just exactly what i will be facing if i allow them to force me into surgery. If I didnt have this forum to go to.....I probably would have done the surgery, no questions asked....and went on the drs word that they could help me. I have even had some of the drs to tell me that I shouldnt read these forums, because the "success stories do not post on the boards, that all Im hearing from is the 10% that didnt work". well, i tell you what...between this board and another board i go to.....there sure are a heck of alot of 10%'ers out there.....lol.

It still doesnt make the decision totally easy to make. I will always wonder "what if" I can be able to go back to at least living 80% of my life again?? am i screwing myself out of that chance by not trying?? its just so hard to make that final decision. and the sad part is...no one can make that decision except for me. i have to live with whatever decision i make.

Deb..........no, i wasnt thinking of you as being critical on my smoking...lol. its a bad bad bad habit, i know!!! actually, ive decided to go to my primary dr on thurs and get an rx for the chantix. IF..thats a BIG IF....i do the surgery...i do not want to give the dr ANY reason to say "it failed because you smoke!!". ive quit before, i can and will again! Im sorry to hear about your dad. That is one horrible disease to watch your loved one suffer with. I literally watched my dad die on his last day. I have a posting in the grief section if you want to read it. To a point, Im thankful that my girls were there for a few minutes of his suffering on his last day......(we didnt allow them to stay because we didnt want to traumatize them, they were there long enough to say i love you and goodbyes)......but it was enough for them to say....smoking is stupid...you get what you ask for!!! (yes, thats what they tell me, in trying to get me to quit). so given that.....i have no worries at all about them ever smoking!!

I will keep you updated....and will TRY to keep my chin up ;) its hard at times, thats for certain.