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Hi Sartor,

There was a 6 month wait on my local NHS. The operation was done in the private part of the Staffordshire General (miles from me in Kent) but this was the cheapest I could find. It cost a total of £ 1300. Post operative care is zero what with the distance involved ....any bleeding you go to your GP. The first week post op was probably the worst odor I experienced but this was clearly an anaerobic infection which cleared up with Flagyl syrup. When they cut through the tissue depending on how deep the crypts are the contents are released and unfortunately you can be coughing them up for the first week along with any stitches. My surgeon said that one of them (the right one) was chronically infected and a factory for stones. I suppose if that is your only breath problem as I said then it should work. But if like me you suspect the stones are a by -product of some other process then the improvement may vary. I feel it was worth it as I no longer have stones or their taste or odor (which is by the far the worst BB......smells like s**t). I know the taste is not there because it used to provide distinctive saliva on chewing gum. I don't get that now. Also I would smell the stone odor myself sitting down or in the car. People's reactions were also a sign. A good way of testing the breath impact is to blow hard and then sniff....tonsil odor is strong and fecal. I don't get that now. I am now getting a more traditional BB similar to morning breath but at various points of the day dependant upon excess mucous levels, globus, tongue coating (all LPR related ?) and stress.

So far touch wood no stones of any size from any other crypt. I know that diverticulums or pouches in the pharynx and larynx can be caused by LPR. I have been post op experiencing regurgitated or undigested small food bolus which I think is reflux related. I am 40 this year and my symptoms started almost a year ago eg globus, mucous, bitter taste and BB. Around this time I was planning on moving to Scotland which in hindsight was very stressful. I already had a peptic ulcer, overweight, fairly bad diet and oridinary dental regime. So it's not a surprise really. That's why I know it is LPR and not Gerd because I have no heartburn or ulcer pain. If my stomach was producing too
much acid my ulcer would be telling me. I take no medication. PPI's didn't work and I do not need the Cimetidine for the ulcer as it gives me no problem.

I have an endoscopy on Thursday so I will fill you in with the results of that.

On the BB thread I raised the possible reason as being our inability to produce sufficient quantities of the right kind of saliva. The thread seems to be taking the view that our mouths are alkanline and need to be more acidic but I dont think that adds up. I am going to test my saliva PH over a period of time (a week) and compare it with my partners who has no BB problem. I think it will show that my mouth and saliva is overly acidic and therefore without oxygen and that hers is within the range of neutrality. Will be interesting to find out. Perhaps you could take part.