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Thanks Blasterboy,

I know in the realms of some people's long suffering I am at an early stage but it is really getting me down. The symptoms on their own would be no more than an irritation but their link to bad taste and breath is the biggest problem. Recently I have been regurgitating very small food pieces and find great difficulty in swallowing pills.....they seem to stick in the throat. I would not wish to undergo the fundo without due cause but when I've only got this far through my own persistance and money I am determined to get it resolved. You did not say if you had it done on the NHS. I have been told a BUPA fundo is over £ 4k. Bit too much just now having paid for a private tonsilectomy (chronic crypts and stones which they feel was reflux and mucous created).

My resistance to further PPI's are based not only on their failure to work (double dose) but my many years experience on and off Cimetidine for a peptic ulcer ( which now seems likely to have been caused by the H.Pylori). The thought of a lifetime on increasing levels of PPI's is hellish. Anyway as you say I hope that clearing the Pylori will help but I fear that the sphincter(s) are not working properly. Just what part the hiatus hernia plays in that I don't know.

I read that the fundo is often used for or in conjuction with an other surgical method to fix a hiatus hernia. Do you know if your fundo was used to correct your hernia.

Thanks for your help.
Ginger, I don't think Cimetidine is a PPI, the generic PPI's in this country are Losec and Zoton, Omaprozole and Lanoprozole or the drug names.

Fortunatly I have private health care with Bupa, so after seeing two NHS Gastro doctors who both advised the Fundo I switched to Private health care treatment. Really lucky they covered me as in Cornwall the is an 18 month waiting list for an Endoscopy on the NHS, shocking really!

The Fundo was used to repair my Hiatus Hernia, but the impression that I got was that the Hernia was not really the cause of my problems, but something that was worth fixing whilst they were in there.

There's a lot of posts on this forum for LPR, I would adivse reading through them for a great source of advice and info on your particular suffering.
Hi Blasterboy,

Thanks for the advice. I too have the trots from the Heliclear. Yeah I know that Cimetidine is not a PPI and I must admit for peptic ulcer pain it was brilliant. However, prolonged use left me lethargic and increased my breast tissue. I noticed the same effects on the Pantoprozole and my ENT told me that since it had not improved the reflux the side effects were not worth suffering. He instigated the endoscopy and felt that given my age (38) a fundo repair was the best route. He was a BUBA consultant but when you get to the NHS the view tends to be different. Without sounding wicked they would leave you to endure. They seem to be looking at severe impairment such as Barretts as justification for surgery and not quality of life per se. However, I will continue to persist and hope that the PH monitoring and manametry will help.

I am encouraged by your recovery having no incidents of reflux and hope it continues. One final question for you. You say the hernia was a minor causal element but was it confirmed why you were refluxing ? Was your lower sphincter loose and how did they confirm this ? I understand a Barium X ray is the gold standard.


PS There a many excellent threads on LPR or GERD but it would help if they could be all brought under one heading. Not sure how to do this though.
Cimetidine is an H2 blocker.