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This message is for Allison, from a message board that is no longer posting.
Our daughter has also been diagnosed with PFAPA, after nine years of unexplained fevers. Her doctor has just prescribed the Cimetidine and wants to try it for 3 months, evaluate and determine if we should continue. Were there any down sides to the extended use, as you referenced "six months" of use by your son?

You will be glad to learn that although our daughter started with fevers almost immediately, experiencing fevers every two weeks during infancy, the frequency between episodes does lenghten with age. Her toddler years she had fevers every month, than every other month for several days at a time. Now, at age nine, the frequency is about three months maybe even longer if she's lucky. It has been nine years of holding my breath everytime they took blood for testing, fearing the worst and yet fearing the unknown even more. Finally, we have a name for what she has been experiencing and even though they do not know the apparent cause, the outcome looks promising. Please let me know your thoughts on the medicine and thanks for your time.

PS. bdettis, if you have any information on medications or treatments, please advise.

The best of luck to both of you and your children.