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Hi haikuman,

Very interested in your post. It sounds like you have developed LPR but just how that is caused by the h.pylori eradication I am not sure. I took cimetidine (H2 blocker) off an on for many years for an assummed peptic ulcer. It really was most effective but found the side effects of increased breast tissue and lethargy too much. Anyway, about a year ago now I noticed the symptoms of something stuck in my throat, excess mucous, burning throat and mouth, bitter taste and breath, blocked and stinging nostrils, dental erosion, TMJ. I think the reflux was going on for some time before these symptoms appeared. They seem to be the first indication that the disease has taken hold although periods of coughing bouts are thought to be the earliest indicator that it is taking place. All these symptoms point to LPR. Over the past 12 months I have been on PPI for 3 months which did not work, dietary changes ( no beer for 3 months) which did not work. My tonsils became cryptic and infected as a result of the acid and I got them removed.

In April I had an endoscopy which showed H.Pylori infection which I thought explained my peptic ulcer. Took the H-Clear but still no improvement in condition. Endoscopy also found sliding hiatus hernia which from research is often seen with reflux and a poorly functioning lower esophaegal sphincter. Yesterday I completed a 24 hr PH monitoring test double probe to see how much and more importantly for me how frequently acid is refluxing into my throat and nasal passage.

I suppose in some people it is possible to acquire LPR when the pylori is gone as it kept the acid levels in check. However, I had these symptoms long before being treated for the pylori and have them afterwards. I feel that the sphincter is the problem hindered by the hiatus hernia. I wonder if this what you are now experiencing. You did not mention heartburn which suggests you have low level but fairly frequent reflux to Laryngo pharyngeal area as well as the nasal passage. This is what I feel happens to me and I only hope that the PH findings support this. Would be interested to hear about the sphincter repair you came across if you care to share it.

Also, have you noticed any candida type symptoms with the reflux ? My acidic saliva (6.0 - 6.25) allows the yeast to thrive. My beloved beer just makes it worse. Reflux is sighted as one of the symptoms of candiasis especially when all the good stomach bacteria have been killed by the over use of anti-biotics. Getting this balance right again is very difficult and impossible with LPR. Test yourself to see using the spit test. Upon waking spit some saliva into a glass of water and over the next 10 to 20 mins see if it sinks to the bottom, becomes cloudy or stringly. The worse these findings are the more candida you have. Healthy saliva should dissapate in the water. Let me know.