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Hi everyone,

Yes, ultimately any refluxing of acid or bile is the result of structural pressure
on the lower sphincter however, for most people particularly Gerd sufferers
this is the result of diet, eating too much too quickly, being overweight, stress and an overproduction of stomach acid. Most Gerd sufferers respond to dietary and lifestyle change and to H2 blockers. GERD is directly connected to the volume and acidic strength of the reflux and remains within the confines of the esophaegus hence heartburn. LPR by contrast is measured on the frequency of reflux incidents and not the strength and volume. This is why most LPR sufferers do not get heartburn as they are not producing enough acid to damage the esophaegus and it does not stay there long on its journey to the larnyx and pharynx in any event. You only need a small of amount of acid to reflux to maintain LPR. Barrett's esophaegus is only really a risk with severe and long standing GERD and is not associated with LPR.

By way of illustration I can divide my symptoms into two sections:


Globus, excess mucous, throat clearing, burning throat and mouth,dental problems, inflammed taste buds, post nasal drip, congestion, sinus headaches, tongue coating and bitter taste.

Previously developed cryptic tonsils and tonsil stones which were removed by tonsillectomy.


bloatedness, protrusion, poor digestion, loose stools, itchy anus, intestinal gas, discoloured toe nails, jock itch, fatigue, brain fog, low mood,cravings for sugar foods and breads.

On line test for candida has always been positive. Yeast related symptoms not ever present but regular.

For many years I was prescribed cimetidine (H2) for a supposed gastic ulcer but my endoscopy showed no evidence of ulcerations but did instead show evidence of H.Pylori which thrives in low acid conditions. Also low Hcl is linked to stomach cancer and interestingly my fundo surgery was cancelled as they found a nodule in the lining which turned out to be benign.


You can get Hcl supplements from health food stores either with or without pepsin but it might be prudent to get an assessment from your health professional first. I am going to raise the issue with my gastro consultant as I feel really awful most days both with LPR and the other problems.