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Here' some more info about statins and bird flu - looks like your Green Tea is also something of a defense against it...

Unlike certain other viruses, avian influenza is characterized by a hyper-response of the immune system. People afflicted with avian flu die from pulmonary edema and multi-organ system failure in response to acute inflammation caused by what some doctors describe as a pro-inflammatory “cytokine storm.”

As a result of this data, if one were to contract the avian flu, cimetidine, DHEA and melatonin might not be advisable, due to their potent immune enhancing effects. On the flip side, there are nutrients and drugs that might suppress the most dangerous pro-inflammatory cytokines associated with the avian flu. Some of the cytokine-suppressing agents include fish oil,63-79 green tea80-97, borage oil8-101, curcumin102-114 and flavonoids115-124 (such as nobiletin).

A novel cytokine-suppressing strategy might be to take a statin drug (such as 40 mg of Zocor®) as soon as flu symptoms manifest. A very limited amount of data indicates that statin drugs can block excess production of influenza-induced pro-inflammatory cytokines. Please note that no one yet knows whether nutritional or drug anti-cytokine therapy is beneficial in treating avian flu.