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I've been reading more and more about how statins may be of significant benefit in reducing mortality rates from BIRD FLU (H5N1) should that terrible virus eventually mutate into a form that is readily transmissible between humans. It seems the anti-inflammatory properties of statins have been linked to decreased death rates from influenza, pneumonia, and sepsis.

Statins seem to reduce the production of pro-inflammatory Cytokines. Ironically, it is the healthiest who die in greatest numbers from H5N1 (and this was also true in the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic). The immune systems of healthy individuals grossly overproduce these proteins in response to the virus, leading to extensive lung and kidney damage. Death rates are highest in those under 40...

The anti-inflammatory properties of statins can be gained by using them at a reduced dosage... reducing the risk of other side effects of these drugs. I may just be asking my doctor to refill my Lipitor prescription, and I may just stock-pile it in case H5N1 comes to our shores in a mutated, infectious form.

I've also read that Green Tea, Fish Oil and Borage Oil can help reduce the pro-inflammatory Cytokines. Cimetidine, DHEA and melatonin might not be adviseable during a flu pandemic due to their immune enhancing effects.