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:(my daughter is 17mths she was just diagnosed with pfapa after 6 months of high fevers and over 8 seizures. she gets fevers mostly every 2-3 weeks mostly just pharyngitis and sinus infections. We basicly live on the edge of our seats with Alexa, one of the times she had two seizures in one day one resulting in lasting 45 mins and getting her in a coma and intubated. Its just crazy that it has taking this lond to be diagnosed the hospital was terribly clueless I was the one the requested to see the infectiouse desase dr after showing up three times in the er with crazy fever. She is currently on cimetidine daily as well as prednisone for when the fever strikes and phenobarbital for seizures. This is crazy I have never heard of this before Im so happy to find other mothers goign through this please get back to me with your advice or any questions I need all the support I can get.