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The Tagamet(cimetidine) treatment can be searched out easily by search for "cimetidine or Tagamet(I can't remember which word I used...probably both at seperate times) as a treatment for herpes" and it will tell you about the test results of this treatment and how much to take. But it is 200mgs morning/afternoon/evening and then another 400 mgs at night before you go to bed. I've used this a few times when I felt like an ob was coming on me for only a couple days until the symptoms pass...so far each time it has knock any symptoms that felt like an ob coming on me. The first time I used it when I had that rash on the side of my buttocks I used it 3 days and the rash was gone after having had the rash for a couple months:dizzy: ...I find that beyond unbelievable...it's just like the rash just dried up. Like I said I did use E oil at the same time though. I'm bad about doing more than one thing at a time because then I don't really know which treatment did the most good:rolleyes: