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for a couple of weeks, i've had this transient tightness in my throat--right around my voicebox. it feels a bit like i'm being gently choked--the pressure, that is. but i have no airflow compromise or gagging. i've had problems with heartburn--and probably GERD--but not lately.

I surmised that it must be allergy related, so I took benedry to no avail. NSAIDs don't bring the ostensible swelling down.

So now I think it's probably GERD. I have every reason to have it: I smoke (not heavily), eat chocolate, citrus, spicy foods, lots of coffee, and sit at a desk all day. So I started on Prilosec OTC a week ago--with cimetidine as needed. But it's still happening. I don't have any problem swallowing, or pain, per se, just this swollen/full feeling in my esophagus.

FWIW, my uvula swelled up recently, as it does sometimes for reasons I don't know. But that went away weeks ago...

Thanks for any advice/insight :)