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By far the best thing that I've found to stop on ob in it's tracks is treating it with Cimetidine (or Tagamet) from Walmart...you take 1 tablet, 3 times a day and 2 before bedtime. Nothing, at least for me, has helped me like this. You can read about it by searching for cimetidine to treat herpes or tagamet to treat herpes. They suggest to use this for a week or two after the symptoms go away. I would strongly suggest for anyone suffering from herpes to try this...it's about $6 or $7 for a box of pills.
I've never been to England so I have no idea with large discount chains exist there but you don't have Target or Walmart or the like? I can only assume that all the drug store chains have it too...the brand name is Tagamet and the active ingredient is Cimetidine so like at Walmart...right next to Tagamet they had the generic equivalent that's about half the price of Tagamet which is how I buy it. I take it as soon as I feel an OB coming on me...which usually by the time it dawns on me, I'll have the beginnings of a sore popping up. Usually I will take it for a few days but I read a little bit more info about it and they suggest to take it for a week or two after the symptoms go away. This time I'm going to take it for a whole week after my symptoms are gone and see if it by chance puts herpes into remission as the article claims it can do for some. That would be great. I have an older thread called "cimetidine and me" which tells maybe a little bit more about my using it. I will say that since my first OB which lasted 2 months at least...it has gradually gotten to be less and less major as the months roll by...I got it like around Dec of last year. I only get one sore at a time now.